Application of Hall effect current transducer in a company in India
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Application of Hall effect current transducer in a company in India

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Abstract: Hall current sensor is a kind of sensor that relies on electromagnetic characteristics to detect current.It can indirectly measure the current of the current-carrying conductor by measuring the Hall electric potential, making non-contact measurement of current possible.Hall current sensors mainly include open-loop and closed-loop types, which have the advantages of short response time, high operating frequency, strong overload capacity, and high isolation.It is suitable for measuring complex electric quantity of various frequencies and various waveforms.It is widely used in variable frequency speed regulation devices, inverter devices, UPS power supplies, photovoltaic power generation, communication rooms, CNC machine tools, microcomputer monitoring systems, grid monitoring systems and various fields that require isolation and detection of current.


Key words: Hall current sensor;application


1. Project Overview

The Indian company's business covers pumps, charging piles, solar energy, etc. The Hall current sensor they purchased is mainly installed PLC.Originally, customers need 0-20 mA output, but at 0 mA, it is not possible to distinguish whether it is true 0 mA or no signal output.In the end, the customer thought that 4-20 mA output is more reasonable, so we use our AHKC series Hall current sensor with 4-20 mA output.


2. AHKC Series Hall current sensor

Hall sensor is suitable for the isolation and conversion of complex signals such as AC, DC and pulse. Through the Hall effect principle, the converted signal can be directly collected and accepted by various acquisition devices such as ad, DSP, PLC and secondary instrument. It has the advantages of small volume, long service life, convenient installation, fast response time, wide current measurement range, high precision, strong overload capacity and good linearity, It has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability.


3.Model description




Open loop Hall sensor


2.Easy installation  
3.Input range width:50A-20000A
4.Output: 4V/5V/20mA/4-20mA

Closed-loop Hall sensor


3.Fast response time≤1us

Hall voltage transducer


3.Fast response time≤200us


4.Installation picture




The Hall current sensor can convert the primary DC current signal in the system into a standard DC±5V or 4-20mA output, which plays a role in monitoring and electrical isolation.It can be used with multi-loop monitoring instruments or other electrical measuring instruments. It is widely used in industrial automation, uninterruptible power supply, charging pile and other fields.




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