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  • Application of Acrel Medical IT System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola

    Diagnosis and treatment in modern hospitals are inseparable from advanced medical equipment, which are inseparable from safe and reliable power supply.This article introduces the application of Acrel Medical IT System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola.

  • Hospital Isolated Power Supply Application in Malaysia

    For the electrical design of the special place of the hospital, the IT system should be used for power supply in strict accordance with national standards and regulations.This article introduces the application of Medical isolated power supply in Malaysia.

  • Energy management system Application in Cadillac

    The energy consumption system monitors the multi-function instruments of Acrel in the distribution room, 34 sets flow meters (gas meters), 9 heat meters, 30 cooling meters, 14 industrial water meters and 30 sets flow meters (compressed air).

  • Smart Control Device in Shanghai Tesla Factory

    This project is the second step of Tesla's Shanghai Lingang Factory. This project includes 3 distribution rooms, including energy center C2, union workshop 4 and substation incoming isolation cabinets, with totally 60 sets of 10kV high voltage cabinets.

  • Power Monitoring System in the Data Center of PBOC

    Microcomputer protection and multi-function power meter are adopted to collect various electric parameters and switch signals of 10KV high voltage cabinet in the substation.

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