Application of Acrel Wireless Temperature Products in a factory in Brazil
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Application of Acrel Wireless Temperature Products in a factory in Brazil

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Abstract:High-voltage switchgear is one of the important equipment to ensure the safe operation of the power system in substations.Therefore, the stable operation of the switchgear is of great significance to the entire power system. The aging of equipment and long-term high-load operation may cause the local temperature of the equipment to be too high and cause fire.Therefore, temperature detection of sensitive equipment in substations becomes particularly important.

Keywords:High-voltage switchgear;Wireless temperature measurement;Measure temperature

01 Project overview

This project is a factory in Brazil, which is a local high energy consumption enterprise. It pays more attention to the safety of power consumption, and needs to know the temperature information of the cable in real time.Prevent the electrical safety accidents caused by this.

02 Project Scope


03 Project Summary

The high-voltage switchgear is the hub of the power transmission system, which plays the role of on-off, control or protection, ensuring the safe operation of the system.The Acrel wireless temperature measurement products introduced in this article are aimed at the comprehensive measurement and control of high-voltage switch cabinets, and realize the clean and beautiful of the switch cabinet, easy to debug and maintain, and realize the integration of operation and display at the same time, monitor the temperature of electrical nodes such as copper bars, cables, and breaker contacts in the cabinet.Prevent the contact resistance from becoming too large due to oxidation, looseness, dust and other factors during operation and heat generation as a hidden danger, and improve the safety of the equipment.

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