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  • Application of Acrel Multi Channels Energy Meters in a School in Hong Kong,China
    Acrel multi channels energy meter can realize up to 12 three-phase or 36 single-phase direct access measurement or 12 three-phase measurement through current transformers, this series energy meters are favored by communities, schools, enterprises due to their high accuracy, centralized installation, centralized management and high installation flexibility.
  • Wireless Temperature Measurement Products in Hong Kong,China
    The project has 11kV of switchgear need to detect cable temperature, customers consult Acrel wireless temperature measurement products, attending through Acrel ATE wireless temperature sensor and ATC receiver, the cable in the switchgear temperature detection, And through RS485 communication data transmission to the back platform for real-time monitoring, can effectively prevent overheating failure, affect the normal operation of equipment, avoid safety risks.
  • Application of the ADL400 rail Energy meter with IoT Power platform in Saudi
    Saudi customers require to conduct user-end electricity measurement and management of residential buildings and shops. AC three phase energy meter is required to monitor power data and be uploaded to the background system for unified monitoring and management.
  • DC Energy meter applicated in Charging Pile manufacturer
    In recent years, in response to global warming and climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions,many countries have focused on promoting electric vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles. And the construction of charging piles is very important in the promotion of new energy vehicles.Therefore, a large number of charging pile projects have emerged around the world.
  • Application of Hall effect current transducer in a company in India
    Abstract: Hall current sensor is a kind of sensor that relies on electromagnetic characteristics to detect current.It can indirectly measure the current of the current-carrying conductor by measuring the Hall electric potential, making non-contact measurement of current possible.
  • Application of Acrel RF card prepaid system in Uganda
    The prepaid RF card power sale management system is a kind of charge management software which uses the radio frequency card as the medium for one-to-one power purchase and sale information transmission between the user and the power supply department.
  • Application of Acrel Intelligent Lighting System in a Computer Room Management Center
    Intelligent lighting control system is more and more widely used at this stage. This article introduces the specific application of Acrel intelligent lighting control system in a computer room management center, briefly analyzes the design specifications of KNX technology, and outlines Acrel-Bus intelligent lighting The specific structure and control method of the control system.
  • Hospital Isolated Power Supply Application in Malaysia
    For the electrical design of the special place of the hospital, the IT system should be used for power supply in strict accordance with national standards and regulations.This article introduces the application of Medical isolated power supply in Malaysia.
  • Application of Acrel Medical IT System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola
    Diagnosis and treatment in modern hospitals are inseparable from advanced medical equipment, which are inseparable from safe and reliable power supply.This article introduces the application of Acrel Medical IT System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola.
  • Application of Acrel Wireless Temperature Products in a factory in Brazil
    This project is a factory in Brazil, which is a local high energy consumption enterprise. It pays more attention to the safety of power consumption, and needs to know the temperature information of the cable in real time.Prevent the electrical safety accidents caused by this.
  • Energy management system Application in Cadillac
    The energy consumption system monitors the multi-function instruments of Acrel in the distribution room, 34 sets flow meters (gas meters), 9 heat meters, 30 cooling meters, 14 industrial water meters and 30 sets flow meters (compressed air).
  • Smart Control Device in Shanghai Tesla Factory
    This project is the second step of Tesla's Shanghai Lingang Factory. This project includes 3 distribution rooms, including energy center C2, union workshop 4 and substation incoming isolation cabinets, with totally 60 sets of 10kV high voltage cabinets.
  • Power Monitoring System in the Data Center of PBOC
    Microcomputer protection and multi-function power meter are adopted to collect various electric parameters and switch signals of 10KV high voltage cabinet in the substation.
  • Wireless Temperature Measurement Products in Egypt
    A domestic company specializing in industrial and AI solutions learned from a electrical complete plant in Egypt that they had a building construction project recently.
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor in South Africa
    With the development power industry,the requirements for the safety and reliability of equipment are getting higher and higher. In this situation, ACREL wireless temperature monitoring system is designed for high voltage device. This technology is to install the temperature sensor with built-in battery or temperature sensor by current sensing and wireless transmitter module at each temperature measurement point.
  • Multi-channel Energy Meter in the Netherlands
    As the global fossil energy (oil and coal) is approaching exhaustion, pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the climate is warming, etc., many countries and regions around the world have successively issued regulations and policies, which have promoted the development of the PV industry.
  • Earth Leakage Relay in Intelligent Building
    The necessity of applying residual current relay in intelligent building is analyzed, the main functions, working principle, classification situation of ASJ residual current relay are introduced, and the principles and precautions in selecting residual current protection circuit breaker are indicated.
  • Application of DC Energy Meter Application in Bangladesh
    This article introduces the application of Acrel DC meters in POWERCOM company in Bangladesh. It is mainly used in photovoltaic DC cabinets to measure the output current and voltage of the combiner box, and collect switch signals at the power distribution site. The device has an RS485 interface to upload the measured and collected data and equipment status.
  • Application of Smart Motor Controller in Sri Lanka Power Plant
    The traditional low-voltage motor protection is achieved through the relay protection secondary circuit, but we combine the characteristics of the auxiliary control equipment of the power plant and its control requirements, and recommend the ARD2F smart motor controller. The following is a comprehensive introduction to the characteristics of ARD2F smart motor controller products and its smart protection, measurement, control and communication.
  • Application of Acrel Power Monitoring System in Pepsi Asia R&D Center
    Introduce the Pepsi Asia R&D Center, which uses smart power meters to collect various electrical parameters and switch signals at the distribution site. The system adopts the method of on-site networking. After networking, it communicates through field bus and transmits it to the background. The Acrel-2000 power monitoring system realizes real-time monitoring and management of power in distribution stations.
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