Hospital Isolated Power Supply Application in Malaysia
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Hospital Isolated Power Supply Application in Malaysia

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Abstract:With the widespread application of electronic medical equipment in hospitals, the threat of leakage current to patients is becoming greater and greater, especially in places where life is critical. The patients are directly exposed to various electrodes and sensors during surgery or anesthesia. Inserted into the human body, even the slight leakage current may cause the patient to be electrocuted. In addition, some medical equipment is used to maintain the lives of critically ill patients. Once the equipment is powered off, it will also threaten the lives of patients. Therefore, for the electrical design of the special place of the hospital, the IT system should be used for power supply in strict accordance with national standards and regulations.This article introduces the application of Medical isolated power supply in Malaysia.

Keywords:Medical IT,Insulation monitor device,fault locator


0 Project Overview

Malaysia I.E.D is located in SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN,the project is mainly used in island hospital in Malaysia,the products are used for 12 circuit insulation fault location for 3 sets hospital isolated power system,the related products are insulation monitor device AIM-M200,signal test generator ASG150,centralized alarm indicator AID150,insulation fault locator AIL150-8,AIL150-4 and leakage current transformer AKH-0.66P26. 

Medical IT system Introduction

ACREL medical IT system insulation monitoring device and fault location system is suitable for hospital operating room, ICU (CCU) and other important places, and can provide a safe place for such continuous, reliable power solutions.

2 Power Supply Solution for Medical Locations

2.1ICU, CCU ward Distribution Solutions (GGF-I8G isolate electrical cabinet system diagram, for example)


Option I  without fault location function


Option II  with fault location function

NOTE: In the power distribution solutions of intensive care unit , AID series centralized alarm and display device should be installed in the nurses 'station, the hospital staff of nurses' station monitor the Operating status of each isolated power system

2.2 Operating Room Distribution Solutions (GGF-O8G isolate electrical cabinet system diagram, for example)


Option I  without insulation fault location function


Option II  with insulation fault location function

Note: 1. In the operating room power distribution solutions, AID series of external alarm and display device should be installed on the intelligence panel inside the operating room, or next to the intelligence panel (wall mounted installation). During surgery, the medical staff monitor the health of isolated power system.

2. In the scheme with insulation fault location function,if the number of located channels  is more than eight,two sets of AIL150 locator can be used. The combination can be AIL150-8  and AIL150-4 (up to 12 channels), or AIL150 -8 and AIL150-8 (up to 16 channels).


1、IT System Insulation Monitoring Device and Fault Location System of Acrel.

2、IEC60354-7-710,Electrical installations of buildings-Part 7-710:Requirements for special installations or locations - Medical locations.




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